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Scattered across the world, the Boat People shaped unknown and alien places, into their new homes. Hear their stories of adjusting to their new surroundings.

At the Refugee Camp

Story by Tri Hoang. Translations by Nam Hoang.

Audio transcript [English]:

[Image  1] Here’s a picture of me at the refugee camp. I had a friend here that was sent to the re-education camps with me, he had arrived almost a year before me and had a relative in the US supporting him. Actually, he helped me take these photos as souvenirs! Here’s the house that I lived in with a couple of other young people. Even a house as ragged house as this, most people would have to pay at least two gold bars to live in it. But my friend left me the house, so I didn’t have to pay a penny.

[Image  2] Here’s a boat, not my boat mind you, mine did not look nearly as good as that! But you get the idea. Behind us, there’s a bridge that leads into the camp, the most famous one in Pilau Bidong. Everyone who was at the camp remembers this bridge; it was where you would wait to reunite with people coming off the boats, or say goodbye to whoever was lucky enough to make it out of the camps to start a new life in another country.*

*Author's note: Whenever this happened, they always played a song called "Bien Nho."